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How Cattle Partners Works


Overview of Operations

Welcome to Cattle Partners, an online listing site for ranchers to buy or sell cattle.  Our primary goal is to provide a user-friendly website that makes it easy to find the type of cattle you’re looking for, whether you are using your computer or a mobile phone. We are a membership-based operation that allows you to have unlimited cattle listings once you have become an account holder. We offer Rancher Accounts and Broker Accounts to meet your different selling needs, and we do not charge any commission on cattle that are sold from the site.

As soon as you activate your account, you can instantly list your cattle for sale, become eligible for our referral program, and review analytics and online traffic for each listing. Buyers have full access to the site without any costs but are still eligible for our referral program and have the ability to save their favorite listings from our site.

Our extensive network of cattle ranchers is built upon word of mouth advertisements, an abundant amount of online marketing, and a team of cattle professionals dedicated to helping make ranchers’ lives easier and more efficient.  We truly feel like we have simplified the process of buying and selling cattle for the better, and we will continuously strive to support our members through quality customer service and a network of experienced cattle professionals.


Cattle Partners makes no claim or guarantee of the quality of livestock listed on the site and shall not be held liable for fraudulent listings. We cannot guarantee that all listings will be error-free or that defects shall be corrected. Cattle Partners will not be held responsible for malware, spam, or viruses that result from visiting the site. Cattle Partners will not be liable for any fraud, theft or violent crime that may occur as a result of displaying contact information on the site.

Buyer Responsibility

Listings are fully created and posted through seller accounts and will not be reviewed for accuracy prior to posting. Listings are often subject to error, prior sale, changes and immediate withdrawal without notice. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that all information in the listing is accurate, including photos. We do not guarantee that all of the information provided on a listing is accurate and encourage buyers to ask questions necessary to make an educated purchase. If you are an inexperienced or first time buyer, please contact the seller or get the advice and help needed to make your purchase prior to releasing funds.

Seller Responsibility

Cattle Partners reserves the right to remove or correct a posting that contains information that isn’t correct or appropriate for our viewers. Sellers should take proper caution to make sure that all information posted in the listing is accurate and up to date, including photos and contact information. It is the seller’s responsibility to coordinate payment and transportation of cattle, especially for cattle that are being delivered out of state.

Refunds and Returns

Unless agreed upon directly between buyer and seller, the buyer does not have to accept poor or damaged livestock, such as cripples, sickly animals, and visual discrepancies such as bad eyes and lumps or tumors. The buyer and seller must agree upon a return or refund for the damaged cattle only and not the entire listing.

Transportation of Goods or Services

Transportation and delivery of cattle is to be arranged through the buyer and seller directly, with no involvement from Cattle Partners. Cattle Partners is not liable for any injured or deceased livestock resulting from transportation.

Terms of Use

Account holders understand that any information, including contact information and photos, provided on the internet are made public knowledge and that they may be contacted through third-party companies and other users. Photos have the potential to be copied and displayed by other users unless stated otherwise. Cattle Partners is not responsible for any infringement on trademarks, copyrights, or patents related to listings.

Account Pricing is Subject to Change

We offer two different annual listing accounts for our customers to use.  These two accounts are listed as a Rancher Account or a Broker Account.  Prior to your account expiring, you will have the option to renew your membership.  Your original pricing is subject to change at that time.  You will be contacted 30 days prior to your account expiration to allow you adequate time to renew.  If not renewed, your account will automatically expire on its one year anniversary date.