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Available Cattle for sale | Listings in Texas

3 and red brangus.jpg
3/4 Brahman
Wharton - Texas

These 3/4 brahmans are gentle and ready to go. Come check them out. 

Charolais Bulls
Wharton - Texas

$1800-2500 you pick! These bulls are gentle and nice to look at. Have only been at 1 location born and raised. Come check them out. These young boys will make some nice cattle. 

Broseco Red Angus Heifers
$1225.00 Per Head
Throckmorton - Texas

This will be your last chance to buy a set of heifers that came off the well known Broseco Ranch. These heifers are Red Angus with some Hotlander influence as well.

Bred Cows
$1250.00 per head
Chico - Texas

These ladies are 2 months bred and ready to see the inside of your fence! Delivery available! Give me a call! 

200 Bred Cows
$1300.00 per head
Lott - Texas

These 200 girls are bred to calve now through August. They’ve already been vet palpated and aged with that information in their ear tag. They’re cube broke and easy to handle.

Bred 2 Year Old Hereford Heifers
$1775.00 Per Head
Caldwell - Texas

These ten heifers came off a reputable registered Hereford ranch in Oklahoma.  These heifers are not papered, but they are purebred cattle.  These heifers are bred two different ways.  One group of

Brangus Bulls
$2200.00 per head
Caldwell - Texas

This is a quality set of easy handling bulls.  These bulls are out of a really nice set of retired Brangus Fair Heifers and a top notch Brangus bull.  They have Steiner Ranch and Santa Rosa Ranch b

36 Angus, Brangus, Beefmaster & Charolais Cross Bred Cows
$1095.00 Per head
Temple - Texas

36 bred cows for sale, Angus, Brangus, Beefmaster and crossbreds. They’ll all have a good mouth and be aged two years to short solid.

3/4 Hereford 1st Calf Pairs
$1875.00 Per Pair
Caldwell - Texas

These heifers are about as fancy a set as you'll find.  They are out of top notch Center Ranch F1 Brafords and Quality Hereford bulls.  The calves on these first calf heifers are out of 44 Farms An

Bred Brangus Baldies
$1700.00 Per Head
Caldwell - Texas

Really nice and uniform group of cattle. They started calving in February and will finish up in 60 days. These heifers are out of Brangus cows and quality Hereford bulls.

F1 Red Brangus Bulls
$4000.00 Pick of the group
Caldwell - Texas

These bulls are awesome. Need to add some hybrid vigor to your herd?  Cross these with your Red Angus Cattle and make you some beautiful red heifers that can go anywhere.

Image-1 (1).jpg
Northern Bred Hereford Heifers
$1825.00 Per Head
Caldwell - Texas

These are the best set of Herefords I've ever had on my place.  They are all from one raising and you can't find a bad one in the group.  You can't go wrong with the bull you decide to put on these