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Angus Heifers
$1350.00 per head
Caldwell - Texas

Really nice set of big angus heifers. They have been exposed to Angus bulls for 90 days. Buyer takes all as exposed for $1350, or $1450 if palpated. 

Angus Baldy Heifers
$1350.00 per head
Caldwell - Texas

Fancy set of Black Baldy Heifers. They have been exposed to Angus bulls for 90 days. Buyer takes all as exposed for $1350, or $1450 if palpated. 

15 Fancy Beefmaster Replacement Heifers
$1175.00 Per head
Temple - Texas

15 Fancy Beefmaster Replacement heifers weighing 625-650. They’ll be 9-10 months old. They’re stout made and in good flesh. They’re up on all vaccines & wormer, polled or dehorned.

Registered Red Brangus Bull
Livingston - Texas

IBBA/ARBA Registered Red Brangus Bull. Created through embryo transplant for phenotypic excellence.

F1 Tigerstripe heifers
$1650.00 per head
Midway - Texas

Here is the cream of the crop! There are 5 head of F1 heifers (Hereford cows bred by Brahman bulls) with beautiful coloration and markings. These girls are just shy of 2 yr old.

Exposed Heifers
$1225.00 take all
Caldwell - Texas

Here is a set of 15 girls that have been exposed to a black angus bull. Bull is available for sale as well. Give me a call with any questions you may have!


Faust Farms Angus Bulls
$1750.00 - $2250
Caldwell - Texas

Here we have 14 bulls, one being out of BPF Special Focus, and the rest being out of MGR Full Power 4002. Give me a call to learn more and come see them!

50 Brangus, Angus and black motley face Bred Cows
$1100.00 Per head
Temple - Texas

50 black and black Motley face bred cows for sale. Aged 2 years to short solid and bred to calve now through September with a handful in October. The large majority will be solid mouth.

30 Bred Hereford Heifers
$1300.00 Per head
Temple - Texas

30 Bred Hereford Replacement heifers weighing 800-900. They’ve been running with purebred lbw Angus bulls since January. There will be a mix of horned and polled heifers.

9 Angus 5-6 year old Pairs, 3-in-1's
Temple - Texas

9 Straight Angus pairs that’ll be 5/6 year olds with Angus and red angus sired calves at their side. They’ll all have a good solid mouth with a long tooth and are gentle.

16 Young Hereford Pairs & 3 in 1's
$1725.00 Per Pair
Temple - Texas

16 Young and stout Registered & commercial Hereford pairs for sale. They’ll have Angus & Hereford sired calves at their side and are running back with a V8 Brahman bull.

65 Bred Brangus, Angus, Charolais Cross & Beefmaster Cows
$1085.00 Per head
Temple - Texas

65 bred cows for sale, Angus, Brangus, Beefmaster and crossbreds. They’ll all have a good mouth and will be aged two years to short solid. Most will be good solid mouth cows.