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Angus and Black Baldy Bred Cows

Price: $1425 each for whole group or gate cut

Breed Category:
Type Category:
State: MO
City: Lockwood
Age: 3-7 years old
Weight: 1300 lbs
Number Of Cattle: 40
Registered: No
Origin: Southwest, MO
Horns: No
OCV: N/A (Official Calfhood Vaccination for Brucellosis)


40 Bred Angus and Black Baldy Cows

Bred to: Angus & Composite Bulls

Age: 3-7 years old

Weight: 1300 lbs

Gestation: 2nd stage

Condition: Moderate Flesh

Vaccination: Full Vaccination Program

Price: $1425 each for entire group or gate cut

Trucking Available

Listing Date: January 16, 2018

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Brandon Ogden
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