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Bred 2 Year Old Hereford Heifers
$1775.00 Per Head
Caldwell - Texas

These ten heifers came off a reputable registered Hereford ranch in Oklahoma.  These heifers are not papered, but they are purebred cattle.  These heifers are bred two different ways.  One group of

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Northern Bred Hereford Heifers
$1825.00 Per Head
Caldwell - Texas

These are the best set of Herefords I've ever had on my place.  They are all from one raising and you can't find a bad one in the group.  You can't go wrong with the bull you decide to put on these

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Bred Hereford Heifers
$1850.00 per head
Caldwell - Texas

These heifers are the perfect addition for your herd, low input and high performing. Here's a great opportunity to earn a profit on fair priced bred heifers.